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Room Center
Room area23.9 ㎡ The corridor4.76 ㎡ The bathroom6.83㎡ The total area 35.5㎡Elegant warmth,Distinguished,Modern classic charm,The beautiful river scene outside the window,Allows you to experience the city living in luxury business。
Room area24.12㎡ The corridor4.76 ㎡ The bathroom6.83㎡ The total area 35.5㎡。Double bed,Free broadband.Convenient and comfortable,For business people who travel on business,Here can very easily...
Room area25.2㎡ The corridor6.29 ㎡ The bathroom7.49㎡ The total area 39㎡Rich and elegant decoration perfectly match well of Chinese and western aesthetic feeling。Considerate butler service allows you to feel the luxury and comfortable...
Room area67.71㎡ The corridor16.33 ㎡ The bathroom17.56㎡ The total area 101.6㎡Decorate a style and elegant atmosphere,Exquisite personalized service、Equipped with complete business facilities,Is the business people from all walks of life...
The ultimate luxury,Hall taste。The elegant atmosphere of the large area of the lounge,Warm and elegant private bedroom。Build the palace level luxury living atmosphere,The foil can be exalted temperament。

Catering banquet

  • Dongpo state banquet hall

  • A proud fish flavor hall

  • Brought to the palace rooms

  • Dew fragrance pavilion rooms


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